Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Why summer camp?

from summer camp crushes
to spirit filled moments

from captivating stories
to canteen candy choices

from swimming tests and deep water jumps
to canoeing and exploring, crafting and investigating God's word

bible camp is a rite of passage, and in a place and time where we have so few passages, this is important.

For the first time in my tenure at Five Oaks Church, we are inviting in a camp director to share why going to bible camp is a vital piece of the faith mosaic.

My experiences, my learnings, my relationship savvy, my growth as a person has a root in my summer trips to bible camp as I grew up.  There's nothing like the intensity of a learning lab away from home to push and pull, to draw out and develop, and to give meaning and strength to my walk with God.

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